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The Absolute Best Way to Burn Fat, Sculpt a Toned Firm Body and Reveal Flat Abs

The best way to burn fat and reveal flat abs is to do cardio combined with resistance training. The exercises that make you work hard! Sometimes it can be all out frustrating especially when your weight plateaus and you stop losing. So to break through this barrier you're going to have to rev up the intensity big time with exercises to burn fat. If you want that ripped and toned body you need to sweat and breathe hard, there is no other way!

Actively participating in cardiovascular exercise not only adds to the fat burning effect but also includes numerous health benefits: Reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of osteoporosis, improvement in blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improved heart function, as well as reducing the risks of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and colon cancer.

It can even reduce feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. Research has proven that exercise may have the same benefit on your mental state as taking anti-depressants. People who exercise regularly are less likely to be hospitalized and also visit the doctor less frequently and take fewer medications.

One big problem with cardiovascular exercise for many people is that it can become a little monotonous. So you need to mix it up a bit and vary your routines. Do something you enjoy! Have some fun. Try rock-climbing at a local gym or mountain biking at a nearby park. Try a Zumba class or Nia dance class. Go backpacking and hiking. There is also soccer, softball, hockey and tennis. All of these activities will work up a sweat and get you breathing hard!

The best way to burn fat is the one two punch of fat burning cardio and muscle toning strength training.

You need to do cardio but you also need to incorporate strength training into your routine to really burn fat quickly. Muscle burns fat. When you lift weights' it increases your lean body mass which in turn increases your metabolic rate and this makes it easier to lose fat. With a faster metabolism you will burn more fat all day long even while you're sleeping, which is a no brainer.

If your time is limited and your main priority is fat loss then do a brief weight training program and spend most of your time on cardio but don't forget the weights. Always do both and when you have more time spend equal time focusing on both areas.

The best way to burn fat is by performing exercises that typically rev up the heart rate and cause you to be short of breath. In order to accomplish this, you need to typically work the larger muscle groups.

What I mean by this is you will definitely get out of breath performing lunges but not performing bicep curls. Lunges work the entire lower body, while curls isolate the biceps. Personal trainers always use the lunge for it's great fat burning potential and toning the thighs and glutes.

You can use dumbbells with your walking lunges. You can also do dumbbell lunges minus the walking. Squats are great for the lower body. Push-ups for your core and upper body. Incorporate these great fat burning exercises into your routine and you will soon see the fat melt away.

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